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Support Services for
Physicians and their Families

Resources in New Brunswick

Physician-Specific Resources

Need Help Now?

New Brunswick Medical Society (NBMS) Wellness

About: NBMS Wellness provides support to physicians and their families, medical residents, and medical students who may be coping with the demands of practice, relationships, addiction, and other mental health or life challenges. We are here to support physicians and medical learners in protecting their resiliency and finding the joy in medicine and in life.
Contact Information: Contact Meaghan at 506-875-6749 or |

Visit website (website access is restricted to NBMS members)
Availability: Call or email to access

Dalhousie University (Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick)

DMAA Micro-mentorship Program

About: Provides opportunities for students to connect with an MD alumni for a one-on-one conversation to receive advice and insights into the field of medicine and the different specialities and sub-specialities.

Contact Information: Register Here

Faculty Wellness

About: Collects information from the faculty to better understand the wellness needs across all departments within the Faculty of Medicine and provides resources to help meet those needs such as the Wellness Leadership Program, Wellness Education Series, Reflective Rounds, and Wellness Podcast series.
Contact Information: List of Contacts

Global Health Office

About: Facilities and leads health equity education, research, and partnership initiatives locally and globally.
Contact Information: | 1-902-494-1965

Indigenous Health - Keknu’tmasiek Welo’ltimk - We Learn Healing

About: Provides support to prospective Indigenous medical students and guides the medical community through the complexities of reconciliation.

Contact Information:


Student Affairs Office

About: Provides confidential personal and academic support and advice to learners throughout medical school related to career planning, learner well-being, academic support, and financial wellness.
Contact Information: 
1-506-636-6007 | For confidential reporting regarding concerns about current learning environment, contact

University of New Brunswick (UNB) Counselling Services

About: Provides free, confidential, short-term mental health services to undergraduate and graduate students.
Contact Information: 
Book an appointment

Availability: By Appointment

Horizon Health Network

Employee Health and Wellness

About: Provides Horizon employees with health and wellness resources.

Contact Information: 1-833-978-2580


Horizon’s Addiction and Mental Health Services

About: Provides a range of services for individuals of all ages affected by substance misuse, harmful gambling, and/or mental health issues. Services may include individual or group counselling, and specialized treatment programs.
Contact Information:

Fredericton and Upper River Valley Areas: 1-506-453-2132| Saint John Area: 1-506-658-3737| Moncton Area: 1-506-856-2444| Miramichi Area: 1-506-778-6111

Horizon’s Mobile Crisis Units

About: Provides a range of crisis intervention services and support to individual and families outside of usual hours of operations including evenings and weekends.
Contact Information: 

Fredericton Area: 1-506-453-2132| Saint John Area: 1-888-811-3664 |Moncton Area: 1-866-771-7760 | Miramichi Area: 1-506-623-3333 |Upper River Valley Area: 1-888-667-0444

Community-Based Resources

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

About: Provides access to community resources to help build resilience and support recovery from mental illness. A wide range of specialized mental health programs and services are offered by the CMHA offices and Community Program Coordinators throughout the province. Programs and services are tailored to the needs of the communities.
Contact Information: 

Fredericton Office: 1-506-455-5231 | Moncton Office: 1-506-859-8114 | Saint John Office: 1-506-633-1705

Chimo Helpline

About: Provides 24/7, bilingual, confidential crisis and distress services to all residents of New Brunswick. Chimo is committed to help with any issue including thoughts of suicide, emotional distress, anxiety, general information/resources, loneliness, relationships, depression, and mental health. They can help provide a listening ear, helpful information, crisis intervention, and referrals to resources in New Brunswick.

Contact Information: 1-800-667-5005 | Chat Online 

Availability: Helpline 24/7 | Chat available daily from 5:00 pm to 12:00 am AT

Family Plus

About: Provides professional mental health counselling, education, and advocacy for individuals, couples, families, and children in the Greater Saint John area. They offer individual counselling, group counselling, a comprehensive employee assistance program, and educational assessment for childhood learning disabilities.

Contact Information: Intake Form1-506-634-8295

Sexual Violence New Brunswick

About: Provides information, support, and counselling to those affected by sexual violence and dating violence.

Contact Information: 1-506-454-0437 | Chat Online 

Availability: 5:00 pm – 8:00 am AT (Mon – Sun)

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