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Literature Corner

Physician wellness is a science. To facilitate access to academic literature on physician wellness, a series of curated PubMed search links are available below. These links include monthly updates of new publications, a comprehensive search of publications, and targeted searches on a series of specific topics. When you click on a link, the displayed results will automatically update to include the most recently added literature.


These links are free for your use. Some full-text publications will be publicly available simply by clicking on the links in the searches below. If they are not publicly available, full-text articles may be accessed through the following organizations:

  • Canadian Universities: if you are affiliated with a University, full-text publications can be accessed through your University library.

  • Canadian Medical Association (CMA): If you are a CMA member, full-text publications can be accessed through the CMA at

Librarian support can also be accessed through these organizations should you require assistance in developing or revising search strategies.

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