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The early years of practice can be challenging, and new physicians require emotional, information, and instrumental support as they transition into their new roles. Well Doc Alberta offers T2P sessions to groups of physicians (e.g., Divisions, Departments, community physicians, rural physicians) that are interested in launching a system-level physician wellness initiative for their new members who are within their first 3-5 years of practice. T2P sessions are structured as a series of supper meetings (often called commensality groups), based on the positive social interactions associated with people eating together. Each session includes moderated discussion designed to foster the mutual sharing of wisdom and knowledge, experiences, and practice pearls; promote self-reflection; cultivate community; provide collegial emotional and informational support; shift culture to acknowledge vulnerability; help normalize imposter phenomenon; and provide seeds for formal mentorship or sponsorship. Specific session topics throughout the series vary based on the group’s area of practice and unique needs.


Early Career Physicians


2-4 sessions per year; 2.5-3 hours per session

Session Category:

Coaching for Change:
Empowers and supports change at the individual and system-level to enhance physician wellness and shift culture.

Transition to Practice (T2P): Supper Meeting Series for New Physicians


At Capacity

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