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Well Doc Alberta is working with interested groups of physicians (e.g., Divisions, Departments, community physicians, rural physicians) to develop and train formal physician-to-physician peer support teams. The 3 step development process involves 1) an initial meeting to understand your group and to discuss readiness, feasibility, and timelines, 2) a 1 hour training session with details on how to develop a peer support team, and 3) a 4.5-hour training session to formally train members of the peer support team about how to safely provide peer support to their colleagues. Teams trained through Well Doc Alberta are invited to be members of the Well Doc Alberta Peer Support Team Network, which offers ongoing training events to enhance peer supporter skills, and debriefing opportunities to help sustain the peer support team.




1 hour training on 'How to Develop a Peer Support Team' + 4.5 hour formal training session

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Coaching for Change:
Empowers and supports change at the individual and system-level to enhance physician wellness and shift culture.

Physician Peer Support Team Development and Training Process


Taking Requests for Fall 2022

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